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world champion pilots



                                                                       jpn  2023 Hiroki Ito

                                                                       jpn  2019 Hiroki Ito

                                                                       sui  2017 Ennio Graber

                                                                       jpn  2015 Hiroki Ito

                                                                       sui  2013 Ennio Graber

                                                                       jpn  2011 Hiroki Ito

                                                                       jpn  2009  Hiroki Ito

                                                                       jpn  2007 Hiroki Ito

                                                                       jpn  2005  Hiroki Ito

                                                                       jpn  2003  Manabu Hashimoto

                                                                       usa  2001 Curtis Youngblood

                                                                       jpn  1999  Manabu Hashimoto

                                                                       jpn  1997  Manabu Hashimoto

                                                                       usa  1995  Cliff Hiatt

                                                                       usa  1993 Curtis Youngblood

                                                                       jpn  1991  Kazuyuki Sensui

                                                                       jpn  1989  Yukihiro Dobashi

                                                                       usa  1987  Curtis Toungblood

                                                                       jpn  1985 Shigetada Taya







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