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Campeonatos Europeos

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                                                                          ita  2022 EC F3CN Monselice - Italy

                                                                          ita  2020 EC F3CN Monselice - Italy   postponed by coronavirus

                                                                          pol  2016 EC F3CN Wloclawek - Poland

                                                                          ger  2012 EC F3CN Ballenstedt - Germany

                                                                          rou  2010 EC F3C Sibiu - Romania

                                                                          fra  2008 EC F3C Maubeuge - France

                                                                          gbr  2006 EC F3C Blandford Forum - Great Britain

                                                                          ger  2004 EC F3C Bitburg - Germany

                                                                          rou  2002 EC F3C Pitesti - Romania

                                                                          ned  2000 EC F3C Assen - Netherlands

                                                                          aut  1998 EC F3C Vienna - Austria

                                                                          fin  1996 EC F3C Nurmes - Finland

                                                                          pol  1994 EC F3C Leszno - Poland

                                                                          aut  1992 EC F3C Kraiwiesen - Austria

                                                                          ned  1988 EC F3C Eibergen - Netherlands    

                                                                          fra  1986 EC F3C Toulouse - France

                                                                          ned  1984 EC F3C Eibergen - Netherlands



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